I ask you
Girl in the mirror
I already know
You are phenomenal
A queen underneath
All this rawness
A talented
That needs her moment
To break out
And show
Her greatness
I don’t understand
Why I can’t talk
To you
I know you’re there
I catch glimpses
Of you
In the mirror
I feel your power
Your beauty
Your presence
It is something
To be reckoned with
It’s an amazing glory
Yet I pretend
As if you are a stranger
I am afraid
You will not like me
And accept me
For who I am
Yes I am your
Secret admirer
I’ve been
And hoping
To be like you
Studying your every move
I swear
I’m not stalking
No one
Your essence
Surrounds me
I’m in awe of
Your magnificence
A goddess
On Earth
In front of me
Beside me
All around me
But I see those
Missing pieces
But once I’m together
My greatness will be
An unstoppable power
Yet my fear
Prevents me
From knowing
How to approach you
I feeling guilty
And ashamed
That I haven’t
Ask you
The important things
That has been in my heart
Needing answers
I need to know
Things that
Will set me free
What makes you
What are you thinking
Where are you going
What is the future
For me
Am I worthy


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