Either you
Will rise
And start fighting
To win back
What is yours
Or keep sinking
Into the quicksand
That they put you in
You have to know
They are standing
Nearby and
Watching you
Die a slow death
And laughing
You are struggling
You don’t have
To be
Stuck between
A rock and
A hard place
Giving everything
And getting nothing
In return
From those
That don’t care
For you
Or have compassion
For your suffering
I don’t understand
Where is your dignity
Your backbone
To stand up for yourself
Do you like
Being preyed upon
Are you afraid
Of them
Hating you
Or getting mad
For you standing up
To them
Demanding respect
After they disrespected you
It is your right
To sometimes
Be selfish
You are giving
Too much
To the ungrateful
And they are using you
Taking your money
Your sanity
Just everything
That is good in you
When is it enough
For you
To say No
And keep
Something just for you
How is it so hard
For you
To put yourself
Before those that harm you
They give nothing
To uplift
Or just love you
Stop being a
Meal ticket
That keeps giving
Until you are empty
Take charge
Of your destiny
Stop the complaining
And stand up to them
Be your own person
Or they will kill you
Take your spirit
Your will
And your soul
Leaving a shell
It’s time for a change
Before there
Is nothing
Left of you
To find


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