It’s false advertising
A sexy package
That society
Is selling
And fantasies
Out of control
Acting like
No one has
Home training
Wilding out
Doing endless parties
Growing old
Too soon
By the minute
Drying up
Their bodies
In the process
Why does
Anyone want
This type of life
To grow up
So fast
Skipping childhood
To being irresponsible
It’s a glamourizattion
By the media
Adults on tv
Playing on
People’s fantasies
On how their
Life is suppose to be
Being rich
And famous
With unlimited mansions
Of course
I would want that
To skip through chapters
Of my development
Avoiding school
To being a celebrity
I’m thankful
I had self control
I had plenty of time
To get there
So why not
Enjoy my childhood
It’s here one minute
Gone the next
Blinders will be taken of
Real soon
Showing truth about
How life will be
After turning eighteen
In the eyes of the government
I’m a legal adult
Able to get tax
But not old enough
To drink
Becomes an unwanted attachement
A lifelong companion
And I’m playing
On the government’s playground
Where they are
The biggest bully
Stealing money
Straight out of your pockets
Big brother
He won’t protect you
When he wants his money
He’s getting his
So why are you rushing
To get burnt out
By the dollar bill
This race
Will take
A lifetime
An endless cycle
Of Sleep
Or not sleeping
Always thinking
Of ways to
To the top
Of the food chain


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