They are
A mother !ucker
From the beginning
Of this
Wicked journey
When you
Approached me
I was doomed
At that moment
I thought
I had won
The lottery
But I was living in
A twisted delusion
In Fairy Tale
Filled with monsters
And you was
Their leader
Why do you
Hate me
Enough to
Use me
Abuse me
Taking advantage
Of me
Not caring
That you
Are killing me
My good nature
Causing me to
And be angry
Going mental
On this
Emotional rollercoaster
That is
Continuously going
In circles
I loved you
You could care less
You were immune
To my pureness
The one and only organ
Inside of me
My heart
Filled with an
Uncontainable contagion
Of love
And loyalty
That I was
Giving to you
You hit it
Out of my hand
As I was handing
It to you
You looked at me
As if I had cursed
At you
Stabbed you
Or took your freedom
You lied
By omission
Of your intentions
You had
No feelings
Inside of you
All you wanted
Was my tears
To bathe in
My energy
On a daily
Not caring
If was weakening me
In the process
You recharged
And grew stronger
Off of me
Your magical fountain
And I’m 
Drying up


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