You may think
That you are
Getting nowhere
But you’re somewhere
Far from lost hope
You’re closer to me
By one breath
As I’m
Pulling you
To safety
When you’re
Weak and
Out of breath
Trust me
To be your refuge
Your safe place
Your haven
No judgement here
Just your future
Full of happiness
And peace
A home to go to
To hide
From the high pursuit
Of demons
And Cerberus
Looking to
Hunt you down
Play with you
And capture your soul
For all eternity
Give me a chance
To warm your heart
Tell me those secrets
That you hide from
Every soul
That you buried
So deep within
And made you so cold
Let me make your
Dreams a reality
And vanquish
Your nightmares
So you can sleep
Beside me
In this fortress
Of positivity
It’s a piece
Of heaven’s grace
Full of
Vibrant colors
No more
Black and white


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