By: Yellowbonewonda

Just because
I don’t answer
When you call
Or talk to you
On a regular
Does not mean
I’m ignoring you
$hit rises
And falls
Without warning
Life happens
And human factors
Become unexpected parts
Of the damn equation
Will get you
Your choices
Will be
To be burned
Or buried somewhere
In the middle
Of nowhere
Don’t have
In your head
And conclude
Before asking
Wait to see
If there is
A good reason
Check your attitude
Before you get
Your @ss handed to you
It’s not necessary
To become
A code 187
Murdering your chances
Because you didn’t
Come correct
Because of your
Biased conversations
And your @sshole
They are all wrong
In their three way
Without a trial
To hear evidence
That opposed them
Get out of your feelings
You’re not the center
Of anyone’s universe
So take caution
Before approaching
Any situation
Nothing is
As it seems
What’s happening
In this world
Could be serious
And you are
In some unwarranted
Choosing the wrong way
And now there is
A declaration
Of war
And you are
Being killed off
With no compassion
Or sympathy
Because of your
Blind approach
On your decisions
To being froggy
Leaping before looking
Then crashing and burning

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.

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