I’ve already got
Too many
Voices and personas
In my head
I’m apologizing
To myself
I made
A mistake
I let your voice
Be louder
Than mine
I allowed you to enter
Into my head space
Messing up
My thought process
Causing me to
Question my decisions
About what’s
In my heart
And what I know
Is Truth
I must believe
In me
What I do
Is best for me
I’m not being naive
It’s my survival
My intuition
Is in tune
It has gotten me
Thus far
But you
Caught off guard
Throwing me off my feet
Causing me
To fall too quick
I couldn’t brace myself
It’s not your fault
It’s mine
I heard you
And your doubts
But your doubts
Are not mine
And I won’t start
Doubting myself now
I’ve lived this long
Doing what I do best
Being the person
With near misses
In every situation
In my life
I got this
Sit back and see
I’m on a level
No one understands
I’ve trained myself
To be mindful
In tuned with who I am
I’ve seen evil
And greatness
In everyone
My survival
Is my instincts
I’m trusting it
To keep me
And take care
Of me
So let me
Take my minute
To regroup
Pull it together
And do a cleansing breath
Cast off
All that was said
You can see
Me in action


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