It’s the fourth of July
In this bedroom
Mission is a go
Overwhelm me
Make all my senses
Burst and shoot
Like firecrackers
No t.v.
No phones
We are our
Only distractions
We will be our
Best and most engaging
Lighting up the sky
Causing the
Ohhhs and awwws
Out of excitement
I want your love
To take me over
No thinking
Just doing
Animal instincts
Tearing and devouring
Smothering me
With unlimited kisses
From my head to my toes
Igniting my ignition
Putting me in overdrive
Sending me plummeting
Out of control
Off the highest mountain
As you touch my body
I want to quiver and shiver
As if I’m cold
But I am not
My body is spasming
In a seizure
Blurring the lines
Of lust and love
Causing goosebumps
To line up
All over my body
At attention
Ready and willing
To do whatever
Your marching orders
Tell them
Without questioning
I trust you to
Complete every mission
Diving deeper
Into my waters
There are no dangers
Other than
Falling deeper
In love
Than we are
This moment
In each other’s arms
Not wanting to let go
In fear of enemy capture


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