This migraine
Is killing me
My head is
Splitting from all
This pain
Too much is going on
It needs to
Calm down
Let’s step back
To a steady pace
Before I burn out
And fall from grace
And say things
I shouldn’t say
Too many years
Has gone by
It’s a lifetime
It can’t
And won’t be erased
Or caught up on
In such
A short span
In this empty space
It’s not happening
I’m at a point
I’m in need of a buffer
Where are those
Heavenly angels
That have grounded me
This weightlessness
Is new to me
I’m off balanced
In need of relief
An enormous pressure
Is overtaking me
Again where
Are those angels
That kept me
At ease
Leveled headed
Are they on holiday
Put out a memo
I need them
I’m being pushed
To a point
Of retreating
To my
Safe place
While everything
Passes me by
Letting me
Gather my bearings
And my sanity
Allowing a time
To start again
Another day
Too much
Too fast
Let’s put pause
On the excitement
So much
Has been missed
It’s overwhelming


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