We are caught
In governmental
Red tape
We are legalized strangers
Linked as family
Based on a common ancestor
Stating that we are
Blood bound relatives
Yet it still does not
Meet my definition
Of family
If what you know
About me
Can be found
On the internet
In public record
My name
My birthday
Possibly my favorite color
Any stranger
Can be family
If they want
To know me superficially
I want something more
A real connection
Someone I can depend on
That will love me
With no ulterior motives
I don’t want to rely on
What I was told
From birth
You are kin
And I have to accept it
I won’t
Love you
After being
and taken advantage of
At some point
You have to release them
Enemies as family
Is not what I’m
Looking for
Falling without
A safety net
Crashing and burning
A horrid death
At the hands of
These so called people
Because of history
My survival instincts
Flight or fight
Kicks in
To protect
I don’t have time
For this foolery
Because I was told
You were family


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