We are lined
Up to be slaughtered
By a system
With no feelings
Full of deception
They don’t call
You by your name
Or know your face
From Adam or Eve
Just by
Your social security
Branded on your @ss
At birth
They sit behind
A desk
Pushing paper
Shuffling us
Until we fall
Through the cracks
We are the
The injuried
The dying
And the helpless
Our pain
Our tears
Go unseen
Our begging
Go unheard
The deaf
The blind
And the belligerent
Are in charge
And have authority
Of who lives
Or dies
Back to work
Light duty
Or permanently disabled
Is a label
Given to you
When you are caught
In their system
These people
Work in their offices
Feeding on the public
With no compassion
Ignoring the human factor
Seeing us
As cents
And decimal points
They don’t care
About legitimacy
Or confirming tests
Stating truth
It’s bull$hit
We are put
Out to pasture
Wrapped in red tape
Left to find
Our way out
While they
Refuse to
A dime
For any recovery
They hold out
Until you’re close to dead
Or burnt out
From pure exhaustion


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.

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