Too often
Intelligent women
Lose all common sense
When it comes to dudes
Picking at the bottom
Of the barrel
Broke back
Pretend preachers
Down-and-out ballers
And left over
Take aways
That surely have spoiled
They are damaged goods
Sold as is
Damn duds
No return
No refund
No bargain
In the end
Two choices
Stick with him
Dump him
No one else wants
Your broken toys
If every woman
Step back
And notice
Something magnificent
Within them
A geyser
Ready to explode
It’s an easy outcome
That will happen
Depends on the man
Standing before her
A good man
Knows how to tender
That passion
Turning it
Into blissfulness
That gives
Over and over again
A Boy
In a man’s skin
A guy
That has no goals
For his future
Won’t amount to $hit
Won’t be $hit
And is full of $hit
And constantly
To ignite her fuse
Waiting to see
Her blow
Just to call
Her crazy
And out of control
This is a man
That doesn’t love her
Won’t help her
Or don’t want her happy
Because he’s an @sswhole
Everyone is a threat to him
Because everyone
Sees his true self
Forget about decorum
It is time
Go insane
Get your point across
Let them have it
Pop your cork
Let it flow
Full steam ahead
Gain your sanity
Say everything
Bottled up
No one has the right
To walk all over you
Leaving you broken
And confused
Asking questions
Why your life
Is the way it is
How come people
Treat you bad
I say it
It’s time you take control
And leave
Dumb @sses
In your rearview
Far in your past


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