He has a lot of growing
Up to do
He knows what
He needs to do
To get back into
My good graces
That’s if he does not
Want to lose
His future
The woman
He wants to call
The future mother
Of his unborn children
There is no comparison
You and I
The problem
With hoes
And hoodrats
You try
Too hard
Playing on the fence
It’s more
To what’s
Between your legs
That will keep him
You have
To have
And beauty within
The type of woman
I am
And what I do
To keep any man
Is my secret
You think I am not
Aware of my surroundings
I see you thirsty
You are irrelevant
To even try to compare
His lust for you
And his love for me
We are not
In the same area code
He wasn’t mine
When you met him
He was free
To do as he pleased
You and he
Did what
You did together
That’s on you
He did
What dogs do
While off their leashes
Running around
The neighborhood
Humping every
8itch in heat
It’s funny
You caught
Stop using me
As the excuse
On why you
Can’t keep him
The best kept secret
Is that
When he’s with you
No matter the distance
He’s craving me
Dreaming of me
Wanting me
All day and night
I laugh
When you say
What’s between
His legs is magic
Yet that magic
Didn’t keep me
I got something
More in value
The key to his heart
You have fun
Doing what you do
I’m not scared to lose him
You can’t take
What’s not yours
In the first place
If I really
Wanted him
I will call him
But in our circumstance
He needs to grow up
And be the man
A leader
So until then
He will wish for
The woman
That is me
That can only fill his desires


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