I want my match
My mate
That I will have
Someone that wants
What I want
Same goals
In life
Who is
On the same
Someone that will
Complete me
And protect me
Being the last piece
Of my puzzle
When we are pinned against
The wall
My job is
To play timid
Protect his neck
And sneak attack
Any predator
If you want
What is ours
It will not be easy
To take
Our love
It’s a fight
To the death
What we built
Is our paradise
No one else
Can have it
We will be devious
To defend
Falling into
Whatever position
To keep
Anyone who challenges us
Off balance
Our love
Our bond
Our life together
Is our priority
We will die
To protect each other
We are in this together
No one can break apart
The invincible
And unstoppable duo
This world
Will know
We are forever
We take things literal

Those whom God
Hath joined together
Let no man put asunder


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