By: Yellowbonewonda

There are some
People on this Earth
That exist
I think
They are heaven
Placed on Earth
To be tested
For whatever time frame
Of their pureness
Before they are taken
Into God’s grace
These are the Gone to Soon
Innocents of the world
That were
Not blinded
By the Devil’s
Charm and glamour
They saw the truth
And followed the path
They were sent on
To earn their wings
This test is like the
Hunger games
But no one is being killed
To win
A contagion of the deadly sins
Are set free
And the ones that are immune
From gluttony
And Sloth
Are the ones chosen
For immediate release
You will never
See it in their eyes
Or in their demeanour
They have been through
Hell but they
Have never shown it
Walking through
Live minefields on a daily
Stepping with confidence
Knowing that wherever
They place their foot
Nothing will harm them
There are angels
Guiding and protecting them
Shielding them from the blast
When others
Traveling along side
Of them
Are getting blown up
By the minute
These beautiful people
Are the anoitted
They are
Withstanding every
Trail and tribulation
Thrown at them
If you don’t know them
They are
The ones standing
Head high
Smiling from ear to ear
Like nothing has ever touched them
They are a testament
Of their faith
They believed
In a higher power
That all is well
Even when it
Doesn’t seem
Like it
They were told
In their dreams
Everything will be better
And to trust
Even when
No money is coming
Everything will be
Provided for
Just be happy
A roof is over their head
Clothes on their backs
And they have a full belly
Every thing else
That trickles through
Is icing on the cake
So I tell you
Stressing on things
Out of your power
Is something not worth it
Because tomorrow
Is not promised
And every minute
Should be
Treated as a blessing
Keep smiling
Through adversity
And follow that lighted path
To the old kingdom


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.

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