When it comes
To Mother Nature’s
She has no plan
She doesn’t care
About your circumstances
Brush Fires
Snow storms
Are thrown at us
She is blind
Like Lady Justice
We can’t do anything
But run and hide
Hoping she’s not mean
Or spiteful enough
To keep chasing
After us
When she fights
Nothing is fair
She throws
Anyone and everyone
Devastating nations
She is an equal opportunist
That speaks a language
Everyone understands
Her wrath
All over
She doesn’t care
About anything
She has two questions
To ask
All of humanity
Live or die
And whatever your
Personal preference
On who you love
Political stance
And who you hate
Is irrelevant
Your fighting
Is not her problem
That’s your cross to bare
If you are
Rich or poor
Black or white
Democrat or Republican
Gay or Straight
Her mission is to
Destroy or let live
She is judge and jury
Of the physical land
That we live on
She doesn’t care about
Where your soul
Heaven or Hell
That is up to
A much greater power
Until then
She will show her truth
Through her actions
She doesn’t lie
Or make promises
To spare anyone
Over another
She accepts no bribes
Money can’t buy
Your life
No one
Is safe
Last battle
With good and evil
Is based on your actions
Before her rampage
Of this Earth
So pray to your maker
And be absolved of your sins
Get to high ground
Stay out of her path
And hope she doesn’t
Change directions
Coming to your hiding place
Wiping out
Your existance


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.

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