Death toll
Is still rising
Increasing in numbers
Off the charts
Day by day
It’s a never-ending process
That will not
Until the last body on earth
No longer exist
From the beginning of time
We live
We die
Shed tears
Then hold on for dear life
To memories
Of those gone too soon
These memories
For a while are vivid
It’s almost
As if they are standing
In front of you
And you are remembering
Who they were
Their scent
Of their hair
A smell
That once engulfed you
Time and time again
Returning like a tidalwave
It’s an overwhelming
Love through
The best
Long hug
That no one else
Could give
But them
This comforting feeling
Overtakes you
Giving you a renewed strength
This wonderful person
The complete package
A smile
That lite up the room
A laugh
That sounded like sweet music
A love
In the purest form
Being around them
Gave a sense of belonging
But we get too busy
These days
And memories
Start to fade
A empty
That can not be filled
All you want
Is to be
Whole again
Back in their embrace
Wanting them to
Hug you
So hard
You can not breath
Don’t care
To be no where else
That’s a love
The breaks you
And completes
Can never be


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