You have an
Invisible target
On your back
Without knowing
The answer to why
Some people
Are hateful
And all about theirself
Is simple
It’s something they
Didn’t get
As a child
A hug
A kiss
Or a good old spanking
But now
That they’ve
Become an adult
They are acting out
Or is it just possible
They were
Born that way
And an @$$
Who knows
I’m not diagnosing
Whatever they are searching for
Be careful
They see what
They need
Inside of you
They are
In their
Wanting to see
Someone else wading
In the same crap
Called their life
It’s funny
They actually believe
Their life
Is better
Yet they don’t know
You from Adam or Eve
So stop stressing yourself
In asking
Why and how come
It’s not personal
You got caught
In their hunting scope
And became tonight’s dinner
Wrong place
Wrong time
You are their pawn
A Game
Called misery loves company
And it feel like
A Chainsaw massacre
They don’t care
To see no one else’s
It’s a formed habit
They’ve developed
Self absorbed bastards
They deserve
What’s not theirs
And your an obstacle
To defeat
Call it what it is
Stop looking for
It is too
Choose your
Don’t be a victim
Be a survivor
You will never understand
How some people are
Just ignore them


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