We have grown
From little kids
To now adults
It was a long
We had together
Eating things
We would share secrets
To no one
Everything was
Just between us
The worst thing
That could have happen
Did happen
But we got through it
After anger
Took over us
We fought
It was horrible
And we cried
Like babies
I am still
Remembering how
Awful and
When were apart
We would set records
To apologize
Hug it out
Laugh about
How silly
We were
Promising never to fight
To a point
It separated us
For more than a day
Nothing is worth
That heartache
I’m so thankful
For our blessing
To have witnessed
The good
The bad
And ugly
Side of one other
We are stronger
Than ever
We are stuck
Like glue
To one another
You cry
I cry
You laugh
I laugh
We are so silly
It’s a miracle
From the day
We first met
We were instant friends
Was the start of this
Budding friendship
I remember the day
You were
Clean cut
Khaki shorts
And blue polo button up
I was
In pig tails
And in my favorite sundress
It was destiny
That took over
Making us
Buddies forever
Thick as thieves
We were
Laughing at each others
Corny jokes
We’ve grown so much
We developed
To something better
My best friend
And soulmate
Our lives intertwined
There is no
Me without you
I can’t imagine
Being separated
I’ve dared you
You’ve dared me
To be together
We’ve never been scared
Of any challenge
So let’s do this
I stand
In front of you
Face to face
Holding each other’s
At this alter
Committing our
Lives together
Til death part us


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