My heartbeat
Is unsteady
My rhythm
Is off
I can’t dance
To the beat
It feels awkward
My mission is clear
To follow the source
Ending my discomfort
I’m ready
For action
A ride or die chick
In savage mode
Ready to
Just do it
Moving every mountain
In my way
There will be no mercy
My veins are pumping
With the deadliest of venom
There will be
No more waiting
Get out of my way
Slow people
Get to the right
The left is for speeding
I don’t have time
To be caught
In your oblivion
I can not
Sit calmly
Enduring this torture
Fidgety and anxious
Stuck in
I’m Ready
Just release me
Let my alter ego
Take over
Getting behind the wheel
Driving like
The car was stolen
If I don’t win
I die
My eyes are focus
I’m seeing in 3D
My foot is
Pushing hard
On the gas
I’m tasting my victory
Seeing corks popping
And drinking a six litre
Of Dom Pérignon Rose Gold
I am going to be
Your champion
And rescuer
I’m coming
On the mark
Get set
The flag
Has dropped
Zero to Three hundred
In 13.61 seconds
I’m determined
To do
The impossible
To be your Earth bound


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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