Never satisfied
Your desires
Are unfulfilled
Never reaching
All you’re doing is
Covering up imperfections
Not allowing yourself
To repair a broken
Unsatisfied self
Look for paradise
Within yourself
Before you seek
Money and power
Because if you are broken
You are only looking
To have an extension
To something
That is poisonous
Life taking
And a suicide mission
To someone not prepared
Searching for the wrong thing
For their life
At that moment
It will cause
Irreparable damage
You lose
Pieces of yourself
On the battlefield
That is called
Your life
When you are fighting
Without a purpose
Other than stacking
To get it
At any cost
By nuking
Living things
Surrounding you
Climbing over their dead bodies
Like it was nothing
Stepping on shoulders
And heads
Fighting constantly
Making mortal enemies
Out of friends
And your lover
The fighting
From sun up
To sundown
With no sleep
Is what nightmares
Are made of
Haunting you
During the day
And at night
Causing sleepless night
It’s your conscious
On high alert
Replaying your decisions
To get you back
On course
To what you’re suppose
To be
Instead of a ruthless stooge
You’re fighting day to day
For something
Not even yours
An object
And if you were
Ever stranded
You would wipe
Your @$$ with it
If you really needed it
Stop giving
This world
More cutthroats
With a lost soul
Only in search
Of the dollar bill


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