Without getting
Swept away
And torn apart
Is so unpredictable
I’m looking on
To new possibilities
On my
Brand new energy
To change
My life
For the better
I want to be
Pushed to the brink
Of losing all sanity
It’s a perfect storm
Inside of me
Chaos and order
These words
Come to me
Forming without notice
Popping up
Like sand tornadoes
In the desert
Out of nowhere
Spinning rapidly
Only to die down
To pop up again
To engulf my body
I’m falling
It catches me
Pulling me
Into its chest
Where I can listen
To its heart beating
While protecting me
And allowing me
To witness
As it
Destroys the old
Part of me
Everything is
In slow motion
I’m watching the chaos
While calm inside
Seeing all my words
Come to my grasp
I am grabbing
And arranging
Building it
Into a masterpiece
Being coherent
And providing
Perfect sense
While showing my
I am open
And preparing
My creations
Into melodies
Hoping all will
Hearing all the lyrics
I want to
Open closed minds
And soften
Hardened hearts
Giving my all
In every poem
So the impossible
Will be possible


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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