Stop living in
Your comfortable
Blacked out bubble
Form an attachment
Other than society’s
To hate one person
Over the other
Or over
Someone’s else’s drama
A friend
A family member
Hating to hate
Someone’s presence
Making you develop
Those traits
Of ignorance
And prejudice
Without knowing
About those
That are breathing
The same air
As you do
Is almost a crime
Against humanity
To miss those
Because of your unfamiliarity
Causes a mass hysteria
That is contiguous
With no medicine
Because someone is different
This is
When it’s important
To open
Your eyes
And remove those blinders
To see pass
Someone’s physical features
To ask
Who they are
Stop passing judgement
Don’t keep listening
To break room gossip
Everyone has a unique story
Stop pushing your beliefs
On those that don’t want them
Believing that people
Should feel
Like you feel
In every situation
Is ludicrous
Voice your thoughts
Back off
And watch what develops
A place of civility
And good feeling
Of people being
And respectful
Without judgement
Let God
Do his job
And make
Your effort
Treat everyone
As individuals
With a clean slate
Their own story
A gift that is priceless
To all
To be welcomed
As a person


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