I was in
The thickest of fogs
It surrounded
And followed me
Everywhere I went
Hindering me from
Seeing into my future
My goals
Were escaping me
I dreamt
As a young child
Watching Disney
Loving the scene
A Fairy god mother
Comes to the rescue
To help find the truest of love
A gallant chivalrous Prince
Riding on a white horse
Whisking me off
To our castle
Where we begin
A life
Of happily ever after
Life has dwindled on
Those images
Those are delusions
In this day and age
I would probably be committed
It’s like saying
I spotted big foot
That no one believes
Except the crazed
In straight jackets
I wanted
To be that happy wife
And proud mother
I just kept meeting
The same quality of men
That turned out mental
With no potential
To see past
The present moment
So I ask
If you are so different
I want to see your actions
And hopefully
You will be
The last real gentleman
To approach
Me as a lady
And not as a piece of meat
You’re splurging on
For just tonight’s dinner
Wham Bam thank you ma’am
Is not in my vocabulary
I will not give it up freely
Your efforts
Have to be
Something that words
Can not come together
To make sentences
If your mind knows
What it wants
The body will act it out
Going on autopilot
So your mouth
Won’t screw it up
By saying something so stupid
So if you know
What you want
Come and get it
Set your mind into motion
To build
A future
With a stranger
Making it happen
With transparency
Letting your action
Persuade me
To fall
In love
With you
And marrying me
Before someone sees
The open opportunity
Because you was not ready


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