By: Yellowbonewonda
I refuse to
Give new life
To your existence
On a daily
Making your evil
Stay fresh
In my mind
Never letting it
Out of my head
But it needs
To be poured
Into the universe
So I am not rehashing
Old memories
You know
What you did
Don’t worry
I’m not
Plotting against you
It’s not
Up to me
Karma is
A best friend
Of mine
She has my back
And when she calls on me
I will be in the right place
When you least expect it
That day will come
Falling like dominoes
Just know
I am not
That saved
To turn
The other cheek
To get slapped
I don’t need
To put a curse
On you
Stalk you
On social media
Hate you
In public
Bring attention
To you
Or call you
By your true name
A devil incarnate
A half blood
Walking in this world
In everyone’s ears
I’m not going to announce
As if I’m your butler
For the world
To see
Who you are
A wolf
In sheep’s clothing
What is
Inside of you
Will present itself
To all that come
In contact with you
I will keep my
Thoughts private
Thinking about you
Every minute of the day
Gives you more power
I’m not willing
To give so freely
I won’t let you
Keep fueling my anger
Making a raging inferno
Inside of me
The real thing
Inside of me
Is stronger than you
Will ever be
It’s like
Echoing church bells
Throughout Italy
I’m hearing the ringing
And a voice
So clearly
Today is
My time to shine
And it will defeat
All my enemies
My kindness is a priveledge
Lie to me
Lie on me
Take my name in vain
Steal from me
Try to break me
Sleep with my man
I don’t need
Fake friend
Bad intentions
I won’t hunt you to the ends of the Earth
Question you on why you betrayed me
Or stomp your @$$
Like I should
It’s in due time
I’m a lady
Letting Karma
To reward those
That are good
And punish those
That are no damn good
Keeping my hands

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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