Everyone has the capacity
To be a killer
Some have
Self composure
How to balance
Right from wrong
Morality and immorality
Killers are in all forms
Even a family member
No one is beyond
The reach or Evil
When they are the
Criminally insane
With no conscious
To believe
We are not the same
But we all have the same
So why is so hard
To realize
We are going
To keep
Past mistakes
In a matrix
Of made up
Because no one is learning
We can never
Leave until
We see
A way to
Stop being so blind
And selfish
It’s a mirage
That catches your eye
A fantasy
That fills you with glee
It’s like staring
Directly into the sun
Blinding you
From seeing
The truth
You’re walking
And touching
But not knowing what
Is staring
Right back at you
With the absence
Of vison
Your are
What the mass population
Is telling you
Made up fantasies
Going off their imagination
Coming from
A blissful ignorance
It’s the blind
Leading the blind
They can not see
What they
Don’t want to see
Your safety is not real
You can not be
Too comfortable
To trust someone
You never know
Who is plotting
To take
What is yours
Your life
Your freedom
Your family
Or your valuables
The reality is
Nothing is yours
When you die
Another person
Gets your property
Look around
At all the masters
Of manipulation
There are red buttons
In every city
And on every planet
Waiting to be pushed
Unveiling the inevitable
This place
We live in
Is not a piece
Of heaven
We need to realize
We are living in
Going through
This lifetime
On a continuum
With no end
To this everlasting story
The play button
Has been pushed
Then we get to the end
And someone rewinds
The Earth’s cycle
To repeat again
And again
Until we are civil
And loving
To one another
God doesn’t want
This devastation in heaven
So we will be stuck
Here for eternity


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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