My days
Have always
Been the same
When it comes
To work
Same crap
Different day
Come to work
Leave work
Mind my own business
I don’t waste
Precious time
To ask
How are you doing
What are you up to
How was your weekend
Where are you going
After work
It’s not my business
I don’t believe in
Idol conversation
That I have
No interest in
Getting to know those
That are not
In getting to know me
Beyond what they hear
From silly ninnies
That have never
Sat down
And had
A conversation with me
Yet always
Have an opinion
About who I am
What I’ve done
Who I’m with
If I’m a liar
Or someone crazy
Needing to be committed
I choose my friends
Small circle
Easy to know
Who has betrayed me
I avoid any
Unnecessary spotlight
Being photographed
With people
I don’t care for
To keep from
Answering questions
Or someone assuming
I am friends with them
I keep in my place
Staying under the radar
Almost invisible
Blending in
Like a chameleon
But when I need to
I will be ferocious
Defending myself
From people
My kindness
For weakness
I will
Make waves
That will drown
So I rather
Walk a straight line
Staying in my lane
Doing what I was paid to do
Taking care of my customers
Making their day
A little better
Good service
Lots of laughter
Doing over and beyond
Then shut it off
After I’ve clocked
Going home to my life
Don’t think
I’m heartless
When someone
I worked with
Ask for help
I will spring
Into action
Helping them out
It’s in my job description
To be a team player
And once the task
Is complete
I will retreat
Back into
My solitude
Working to get things
Ready before
The next rush
It’s called planning
And a stress reducer
Being everready
Not caught slipping
And being overwhelmed
Taking the day
I’ve been handed
And making it easier


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