We got some good kids
We got some bad kids
We all are responsible
We need the village
To come together
To raise these children
From being so disrespectful
And belligerent
We need
The older lady
Sitting on the windowsill
The teacher
In the classroom being present
The principal
Walking the hallways and checking bathrooms
The parents
Being involved in every aspect
Making kids accountable
For their actions
Teaching these children
They are years from being
And only when
They can earn
A living
Able to live
On their own
Paying bills
And contributing
Their tax dollars
Then they will be able
To be in charge
Of their life
Why is it
Some children
Have no vision
To see beyond
Their circumstances
Seeing the big picture
That their childhood
Only comes once
And they should live it
Being carefree and
Loving the time
Of being just a kid
With only one responsibility
To go to school
Get an education
Follow their dreams
Strive for it
And know that
Outside of that
Does not matter
Fighting people
Because they are looking
At them wrong
Or talking behind
Their back
Gossiping telling lies
They rush to the extreme
Instead of talking
They are using weapons
Kids are dying
Too soon
Over snapped decisions
We as adults
Need to put these children
Back in their place
Be involved in everything
They do
Inside and outside
Of the home
Being there for them
All children
Need guidance
They are our future
So let’s change this
Before it’s too late
And the problem
Gets bigger

– Yellowbonewonda

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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