How is it
That physical property
Things that you buy
That have a price tag
Are more important
Than human life
Are completely
So much
It is ridiculous
Water is rising
All around you
Surrounding you
Boxing you in
Trapping you
With no way out
If someone comes
To the rescue
Don’t wave
Them off
When they arrive
You need to evacuate
Your pride needs
To be set aside
Your stubbornness
Needs to be
Put to rest
Take the help
That God sends you
He lead them to you
To save your life
Water is not something
To be played with
It is
One of the most
Wonders on this Earth
It choses
Its own path
To sustain
Or cause death
It has no conscious
It knows it’s purpose
So why
Don’t you know yours
Where is your
Self preservation
Don’t wait until
The last minute
To have a clarity
In judgement
To get out
And the water
Is over your head
And you are drowning
Common sense
Is to live
And protect
Your family
All things bought
Can be replace
Once gone
It’s gone
There is no recovery
From death
Stuff you think
You are saving
Does not get buried
With you
It is not hard
To compute
Leave your home
To safe ground
And live a life
That you was gifted
Be sensible
Because the consequences
Can never
Be undone


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