Something so
Is going on
Everyone’s thoughts
Are lingering
On doom and gloom
The storm
Is not a storm
Of destruction
Your thoughts and fears
Are misleading you
Take another look outside
Through clear eyes
See the beauty
A cleansing is going on
And those that are scared
Are hiding
The wind is blowing
With great strength
As tornadoes
Trying to remove demons
Possessing everyone
With no soul
The thunder is roaring
To scare the rest of them
That stayed
Hiding in the darkness
Waiting to be forgotten
So they can begin again
Tempting people
To fall off their path
Once again
So that they can
Easily steal souls
From Jesus
The rain is falling
At a rapid pace
Tears from our guardian angels
Spreading holy water
Casting out
The left over demons
Driving all the
Evil away from
This place
Causing a rebirth
To new life
New decisions
For the ones
Of great power
That are able
To make a change
To change
Their minds
Before The Almighty comes down
And pass judgement
On those that
Are leading
Everyone astray
People are in denial
Fighting and saying
Who is best
To guide them
But no one is
Choosing wisely
When they keep choosing
A man
Who thinks
He’s god
But he is a false
Leading them
To damnation
No one on this Earth
Man nor woman
Can make anything
Great again
But the Almighty
So start praying
To him
To hardened this crooked
Man’s heart
So he will
Be seen in his true image


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