I’m not into small talk
Let’s skip to the bottom line
If you say you want
To get to know me
There is a matter
Of importance
We must discuss
If you haven’t noticed
I am a mother
I’m looking for a man
That can except that
Knowing if you date me
You will be entering into
A package deal
You can not choose
To be with me
Ommiting the other
Half of me
This special person
That stands
Behind me
Holding on for dear life
With his little hands
At my waist
Peaking his head
Around me
Shyly smirking at you
He’s not a puppy
You can not
Pet him on the head
And think he will run away
And play
And entertain his self
While you get with his mother
He’s my son
And you will have
Talk to him
Get to know him
Build a relationship
Being his male role model
Teaching him how
To be greater than
What he is now
He is the greatest kid
You would ever meet
He’s well mannered
And protective of his mother
He is
My baby
My heart
My breath
My everything
Before anything
And anyone
There is no one in this
That matters the most to me
I gave birth to him
Wiped his tears
And fell in love with him
At first sight
He is a gift to me
From his first
And until his last
No one can break this bond
We are forever linked
No man
Will ever come between that
I will fight for him
To the death
You will not disrespect him
In anyway
Because you feel he is not your blood
That’s why we are talking
About this now
He is mine
And if you want a life with me
He will be ours
I’m not that crazy mom
That lets a child
Dictate who I’m with
Or run my house
He is my child
And his well-being
Is my ultimate responsibility
He will respect you
Being in a child’s place
So think it through
Before you say you want a relationship
I’m his mother
And his well-being
Is priority
I need a man
Who gets that
And wants the same things
To be a complete loving family
I need an example
For my son
So when he grows up
He will be an honorable man
Strong and a leader


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