That day so long ago
You took your chance
Now I’m taking mine today
Telling you how I feel
And what I’m missing
From this relationship
Before I pack my bags
And leave never looking back
Please let’s fix us
Before it’s too late
I refuse to
Fade in the dark
So I’m giving you a chance
To correct this problem
And remember
The way you got me
Is the way you keep me
I won’t settle
For less
I am a Queen
Be my King
My protector
My lover
My companion
My best friend
Fill this void in me
With your love
Recharge my energy
Renew my spirit
Let’s get our
Hearts beating
Like before
As one
Getting back
In tune
Making beautiful music
Filling our life back up
With magic
And all our future days
Until death
Do us part
You said I am
Your everything
Your only love
Your true love
Your future wife
The mother
Of your unborn children
Then treat me as
If I’m worth it
By putting in some effort
You fought so hard
In the beginning
To win me over
To be my man
Then get me
And treat me like a stranger
That you just met
Off some street corner
I’m tired of begging
I refuse to continue waiting
I will not live my life
Being complacent
Not being appreciated
I can not continue to be
Your favorite piece
Of furniture
Always staying in my place
For you to lay on me
Every night
Because you’re comfortable
Either you hear me
Or lose me
I need to be
Outside this confined space
I want
New memories
That cause butterflies to dance
In my stomach
I want surprises of little trinkets
That make me giggle
And blush
That show you were thinking
Of me
Different parts of your busy day
I want to feel special
Like I once felt
When you looked at me
And said
Damn I need her number
I miss that look
You had in your eyes
Like I was a gourmet steak
Come on hun
Come work
For your dinner
You won’t be sorry
I’m worth it
And don’t fill up too soon
Save room
Because I’m also your dessert


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