For every moment
Of happiness
There is sorrow
In the hearts
Of every girl and woman
A daughter
When she comes in the world
She cries for her first breath
Not knowing the world around her
To be safe
A mother
She sees the world
At its worst
She cries for her love ones life
Hoping they come home safely
Every night
A grandmother
When her world comes to an end
She cries for peace
To wash over
Everyone she leaves behind
Hoping they
Will be happy
And remember her in their hearts
In her life
There are more than a million tears
That will go unnoticed
That will flow
Many times down her
Beautiful face
That you can trace
By looking
From her eyes down to her cheeks
Every teardrop will be bigger than
The next
Echoing louder than the other
Making huge puddles
Around her feet
Gathering throughout her life
Causing waves that could take out nations
She has carried many burdens
Many times over
In a world of many wrongs
Making the strongest spirit
Feel powerless
Impossible to protect those she cherish
Because her family thinks she’s crazy
Or a mess
She knows the truth
In this day and age
Her maternal instincts
Are fined tuned
To her loves
From the moment they leave
And return
Where they are considered safe
So no matter
How many times
You say don’t worry
She will
Wait and
Of the what Ifs
Whenever she feels
Evil is lurking
She is always praying for
Everyone’s safety
So I beg you to understand
A woman may cry many tears
Throughout her life
But the thing is
To stop
Letting them go unnoticed
Wipe her tears
And appreciate her worry
Knowing she is the one that loves
With every part of her being
Stop being so dismissive
Because you don’t feel
What she feels
She is grandmother
Mother and daughter
With a loving heart
So she is valid


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