You must have been
An angel
Heaven sent
I was caught
In a daze
As my eyes
Met yours
To my surprise
A sparkle
Illuminating within them
Gave me peace
I couldn’t move
As you vanquished
All my misery
And negativity
The darkness
Within me
Into the light
No more things
That go bump
In night
They’ve stopped haunting
For the first time in my life
You’ve done miracles
That no one
Else could do
It’s as if I’ve died
And gone to heaven
Surrounded by the warmth of God’s grace
Finally fulfilled
Walking through gardens
Of blossoming fruits and flowers
That blossom for eternity
Where everything is plentiful
With no reason to return
To this awful place
You are a true master
Of all beasts
To calm all of them
Within me
As you took your chance
With a passionate embrace
Pulling me into you
As you cupped my face
When your lips
Touched mine
I felt our heartbeats
Become one
Giving me the true meaning
Of being loved
And feeling safe
I was lost for so long
After wondering
Going in cirles
Chasing dreams
That would vanish
When I got close
With one kiss
Planted a seed in me
Of pure happiness
Nothing else mattered
A bubble surrounded us
As the world went silent
And everything froze
Into place
I didn’t know
That falling in love with you
Could be so sudden
But it felt like I known you
All my life
To bring me
Such a beautiful gift
And a promise
And happiness
For the rest of my life


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