I walk with pride
Head held high
Leaving footprints
Showing you where
I’ve come from
And where I’m heading
If you think to follow
My path
Keep up
I’m not slowing down
I’m walking with a purpose
Not going in circles
I’m focused
I will go
As far as my thick luscious legs
Will carry me
I am not conceited
By no means
Just taught
To weed out the bullies
That would call me
Names Otherthan
My given
Having self awareness
Is my greatest power
To be an individual
With high self-esteem
To beat those that don’t
At a game
That they can not play with me
Because I’ve already won
Not stooping to their level
Just by being me
Something they don’t know about
It’s just mandatory
For a fighter
To know for a fact
No one can break me
Or hinder me from my purpose
Because after I was made
The mold was broken
Making no efforts
To duplicate
My combination of genes
Was deliciously put together
And in that
There was a magnificent creation
Of a confident warrior
Not afraid to say
I am special
And when I look in a mirror
The reflection
Staring back at me
Is a beautiful queen
That has her own power
My smile is described to me as warming
Friendly and comforting
To those that are willing
To get to know me
I give off a scent
So sweet and alluring
That smell like carmel
As though
It’s been poured all over me
From head to toe
I always have a following
Of pets and children
And I think that’s the reason
But what do I know
It’s whatever it maybe
I’m just guessing


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