In any kind of relationship
I encounter
My love is the most guarded
Part of me
My sensitive side
My vulnerable side
It’s exciting and contagious
I’m selective in my VIPs
That may see
Or experience it
It comes at a high price
No one can afford
It’s priceless
And valued more than any materialistic thing on this planet
That are man made
And have a price tag
Of cash value
When I feel love and loyalty is reciprocated
I see the beauty of creativity
In the smallest detail
Quality outdoes quantity to me
My bond with you is for life
I just ask you
To take consideration
This is a piece of me
Once given
Can’t be given back
The same way
It can only heal
Leaving ugly scars
And I won’t be able to cover it
That’s why I beg you to
Agree before you take it
To promise
That you will nurture and protect it
From this day to eternity
To truly see it
At it’s fullest blossom
I don’t give it
Just to anyone
I will always
Disclose it in a disclaimer
In black and white
And full blown color
So it’s not misunderstood
Or taken lightly
Read the fine print and hear me
On the importance of how to take care of it
My love is a special edition
Once you’ve been loved by me
It will be very unlikely
That you will ever forget the experience
I’m very bold
And very direct
My intentions
Are unfortgettable
I leave no doubt of my feelings
Extremely forward
And self assured
Sometimes I come across
As an aggressive
Or mean as some may describe me
But I’m leaving nothing to chance
There are no head games
What you see is
What you get
I tell you exactly what I want and what I like
I have no what ifs
Running through my head
At night
My words I speak
Come with no regrets
I have a fire
That burns bright and hot
If you are not ready for it
It will burn you to a crisp
Loyalty and honesty is pivotal to a solid foundation
With me
I protect and encourage anyone I love
To be at their best
And be better than the rest
Not letting no one speak ill of them
In my presence
It’s beneath me to just “quit”
On someone or something
If I find no evidence to support
The crimes they’ve done against me
But when I do the find evidence
It will be swift judgement
So don’t betray me
Because it will be immediate
When your chances will be
Permanently revoked
And you will be
Without the fulfillment of my deepest love


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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