Just because you
Don’t see it
Doesn’t mean it
Doesn’t exist
You assume are healthy
At first glance
Are dying
Under the surface
An accelerated death
At a young age
A disease within them
Given to them
By their family hertiage
Sucking the very life
Out of them
Causing them to doubt
The length
Of their life expectancy
All alone
Living in doom and gloom
In a downfall
Of negative visions
Giving up
Before fighting
After a doctor
Has giving the statics
Forcing a flashback of their life
Second guessing
All their life decisions
A war is going on
Inside of them
And their immune system
Is losing valuable positioning
Their body is rejecting all
Of their dreams of future endeavours
You look at them
It’s just not registering
You are not seeing it
Because your eyes are deceiving you
Making you feel it’s unbelievable
A vibrant person
That’s just begun their life
Couldn’t be dying
It’s just not possible
It’s a denial reflex
Until witnessing their breakdown
Their emotions are intense
And it’s as if you’re on pins and needles
It’s pouring out so rapidly from the depths
Of their spirit
They are giving you an abundance
Of information
In one moment
Telling you the secret
They’ve been keeping for so long
Saying it was always a possibility
That just became a reality
Using their stupid pride
As an excuse
For not telling you
Because they didn’t want to be pitied
By anyone especially you
But not knowing it wouldn’t be pity
Just concern of their well-being
After the shock has worn off
Then your angry kicks in
Thinking all this time
Why didn’t you tell me
There was no need for you
To be stressing
All alone with this horrible secret
So the gears change again
In your head
From anger to compassion
Jumping into the mindset
To be supportive
To stand by their side
Giving encouragement
To keep them from thinking
Their future is nonexistent
Replacing their doubts
A future of happiness
With a wife of their choosing and children
Them growing up
From a mere seedling
To a healthy vibrate little being
Squishy and loveable
At first meeting
A piece of him and her forever tied together
For eternity
Only if he will open his heart to wanting it
More than his death sentence



“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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