It’s a moment in time
That is upon us
Pandora’s box has been opened
Making crazy people
More dangerous
Not liking those that are different
All hate and disease
Are flying around us
The spores are taking us
By the thousands
Like prisoners
Turned into savages
Fighting for scraps
The government is providing
The laws of our lands are changing
Because we are without
A chief commander
Not supportive
Of our forefather’s
To building a nation
Of promise
With freedom to live
And be prosperous
Society is losing
Every part of
What made us human
Not following
What God
Provided us
His word
And true promise
We lost our way
After the government
All religious confinements
Of prayer and mediation
To ground us
In places
That it should not have been demolished
In school
In government
We need him
To cast the devil
Out of all of us
That have fallen into the trap
The devil has set
And laughing at all the souls
He’s collected
With the government leaders
Leading the way
Using greed as the new policy
Taking everything from
Those that are poor
Or barely floating above water
Then using the closed minded cowards
To march in
Peaceful rallies
Provoking violence and murder
Behind ignorance
Because those people thought
They were priveledged
They lack
Of will they have to live and let live
But they think no one is worthy
Of living among them
Please tell me
Where’s the government
In protecting the communities
That are targetted
We are losing a fight that should have been over
After laws were placed
And freed us


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