To all men in the world
What would you do
If you had the opportunity
To say it to your mother
Would you let those
Words slip from your mouth
To call her anything
Other than mother
Using words
So disrespectful
So demeaning
So harming to her
That would pierce deep down
To her inner core
Her heart
Destroying her world
Witnessing such vile words
That poured like water
Out of your mouth
So easily
Making her ponder
How could she have ever
Such a coward
A monster
The biggest fool
Incapable of honoring
Someone so irreplaceable
But if you’re not that type of man
Your mother raised


Why would you do it
To your child’s mother
A woman you said you love
Your life and hers are intertwined
She was once
Your rib
The reason you made
A decision to have a family
You vowed to protect
Love and respect her
For better or worst
But you let your frustrations out on her
Because you let life outside
Your home
Dictate your emotions
Causing a violent storm in your home
That should have been your refuge
A place so sacrade
But evil was let in
Allowing you to
Forget what you built
From nothing
Changing the dynamics of your situation
Becoming her closest enemy
Stabbing her so closely
Starring into her eyes
As she crys
Then expecting her to
Lay right next to you
After you disregarded her
As a mere stranger that
Was begging for some money
The damage is done
The relationship will evolve
And she will begin to question
The rest of her life with you
Because you’ve almost reduced it to nothing
By calling her something
Other than Baby or Sweetheart


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