When you’re feeling down
You can’t sleep
My sleep
Is not your problem

Voice your frustrations
My ears are always yours

I will listen
And reassure you
This is another test
That we will pass together

I may not agree
With your choices
Or the way you
Live your life

I’m not here
To judge you
That’s only
For the almighty

If I said
I am your best friend
Your lover
Your companion

I am whatever
You need me to be
I have
Only one condition

Don’t ever
Betray or
Cause irreparable harm
To me

I will always be there for you
Being your
And a cheerleader

To cheer you on
To give you encouragement
To tell you the truth
To talk you off the ledge

That you are so close to
Jumping off of

I’m Standing
Right there
Beside you
Holding your hand so tightly

My spirit
Will always be there
My love
Will always surround you

I am not a person
That will give up on you
I will never kick you any further
When you’re already so far down

At your lowest
In a hole
So deep
The air is smothering

Reach for my hand
It is your choice to take it
I will protect you
As if I’m your guardian angel

That feeling of pain
And the urge of giving up
When there is no one else around to help you

I am not those other people
I’m in your life
Stopping believing
Those demons

Clouding your head
You are never alone
If I a capable
I will get to you

When you really need me
There is no expiration
Of what I am to you
So don’t hesitate to call on me


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