I’ve developed a sleep pattern
My my mind
To have a little aversion
To sunlight
When the sun comes up
I fall asleep
And when the night fall
I’m pacing
From my room
To the kitchen
Back to my room
Trying to figure out what
I can get into
It’s a cycle
On repeat
I’ve inadvertently enlisted my body to join
In this process
I can not stay in bed
And wonder
So now my mind and body
Are up
Getting on the move
And following
The worn out path


I’ve caused
Going here and there
To nowhere
I never want anything from the kitchen
It’s just a place to go
With my restless mind
To walk in the night
Unclear of what I’m thinking
Just restlessness
Times one thousand
It’s a sensation like weightlessness
I want to get out
But I have no where
I want to go
Getting aggravated
Body up
Mind up
Then my soul joins in
Now awaken
Indecisive to where
Or what I’m being pulled to
So I continue
To do more
Pacing from my room
To the kitchen
Back to my room again
Occasionally looking out the window
I’m a night crawler
Mind Body Soul
Not experiencing the nightly activities
Like others do
Stepping into the world
Gathering in places
To party
Or socialize
Doesn’t peak my interest
It’s built up energy
That has no where to go
Feeling trapped
By the universe
In a prison
Looking for what prevents me from stepping into the sunlight


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