Let’s make a truce
Let’s stop fighting
Against each other
This battle
We have going on between us
Is a distraction from
The real war going on all around us
The enemy is allowing us to kill each other
Lowering our numbers
Using tactics of
Divide and conquer
Winning without fighting us
Or being accountable
For their transgressions
They have used the media
To put us in a daze
Talking about celebrities
That went crazy
To overshadow what is really going on
In our own government
They have used the law
To put those that see threw them
Behind bars
Saying they are causing a riot
But all they are doing is waking up those that are sleepwalking
Through this problem
Look behind you
All their loyal soldiers
Have moved
Into position
To surround us
Didn’t you notice
How close they are to us
When we first began this game of extreme deadly chess
Before we became their pawns
Doing their bidding
Destroying what once united us
Through our humanity
All life is valuable
This thick smoke screen
Is a way to keep us deaf blind and stupid
Fighting each other
Not seeing the truth
To what is really going on
Behind the big black curtain
Right in front of us
We have lost the meaning of our promise
To be We the people
Not We the government
We have been blind long enough
Fighting amongst ourselves
Getting more distant
From what is important
And taking down our common enemy
We are allowing them to do as they please without consquences
Stop injesting
What they are telling us
Eating it up as if it is the gospel truth
Research their calculations
Check them twice
Then check them twice again
Stop being gullible
Question their intentions
So we can find the inconsistencies
They are giving us
Not one person is responsible for our demise
We are all getting
Off track
Of the big picture
To be free
Living our own life
Without having to looking over our shoulder


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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