Full of dreams of being someone her children
Can look up to
She has the biggest heart
Sometimes too big
It can be her weakness
Often weakening her spirit
Even though she has struggled
For many years
Feeling like she’s in a losing battle
She has been responsible for the little people she has brought into this world
Unlike some other parents
Not accepting their role to be a parent
That neglect or leave their children to chaperone themselves
Her kids have never gone without
The basics
Or the greatest gift
Her undying devotion and love for them
I can only give her advice
To tell her to stop her stressing
So much
And Handle only the things
She can control
Letting go of things she can not do nothing about
She has stood alone
Long enough
As a single mom
Taken advantage of
By those that say
They love her
Taking her kindness as weakness
Begging for what little she’s got
Taking her last dime
But when she needs help
They leave her to fend for herself
Not caring that in her desperation
To provide for her children
She has to ask for help from strangers
Her children have looked into windows of everyone else’s lives
They are mad at not having the latest whatever
Being disrespectful
Lazy and demanding
Not helping her as she struggles
By complaining
What they don’t have
They don’t see they are better off than many
To be greatful they are not in the system
On the streets
Or in a shelter
She is beyond determined
She has hustled each time
To make sure they never see that kind of horror
Her man is a low down that doesn’t provide
Selfish and a coward
Never protecting her from people
That threaten their relationship
By putting them in their place
And setting boundaries
That no one should cross
When he’s suppose to love her
With ever fiber
He uses her
Eating her food
That’s for her and her children
Not paying bills
Not Being present
Not Being compassionate
Showing her she is a value
Her family is the worst not supportive
She stands alone
Fighting for every step forward
Because everyone around her
Keeps pushing her backwards
Leaving her out of family gatherings
Not visiting her
Or having a relationship with her children
Keeping secrets from her
Plotting to do everything that undermines her
Doing the most to talk her out of decisions she’s made in living her own life
As she sees fit for her and her children
All she wants is to be left alone
And live in peace with her children



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