I can not look into my past
To reminisce with you
I would be running
Into the darkest dreary night
Without a flashlight
My focus is where the sun is shining
Well lit and alive
Showing me the way to my future
And what I’m to accomplish
Before I’m laid in a hole six feet deep
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
To the love you once had for me
That bullet in your head
Really screwed up your memory
On how you treated me
There are no negotiations
To be discussed
Do you not remember
Every three months
You played a dangerous game
To cause pain
By picking a fight
When we were in a good place
You did this for years
Until that day
You let me really see you
For the person you really were
When you had the nerve
To try to make me fell
That I should be greatful to have you
After you told me
There were other girls
You passed up for me
I will never be that girl
You will have put on a scale
To weigh your options
If you saw me for who I am
And not who you tried to change me to be
I like who I am
I guarantee you
There is nothing
Left to say to one other
I won’t stand still
So I can be easily caught
I refuse to be an easy target
I am a fighter
That has learned a few new moves
Because in this game
No one plays by the rules
I am faster and better
I move like lightening
Striking without notice
Creeping up
Hitting my target
On the back of the head
Placing my foot
On the neck of my enemy
So it can not rise up against me
To kill what is left of my dignity
Today no part of me dies
Because of your trickery
Saying you miss me
You love me
You want what we had
Before it was all thrown away
Because of your need to get back at me
For things you felt
I should be punished for
What some other person did to you
My only crime
Was that I loved you
I’m not the person you met long ago
You would pick a fight with
To break up with
Then in the same night
Told me I should get back with you
Saying I was wrong to feel
You didn’t appreciate me
I’m wiser now
I’m too focused on what my future holds for me
On how it is suppose to be
Without the drama
Without the unknowing
When will it be the moment
You will crash and burn
Scalding me because I was too close
To you
So for that reason alone
I’m standing clear of you


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