Once said out loud
Some words so hurtful
Can’t be taken back
Those that love you unconditional
Will say they forgive
But deep down they are hurting
By the hurtful things
That was uttered without hesitation
Those that don’t know you
That felt picked on every day
Will feel bullied
Hurting inside
With no reason to why they were a target
Your demons of misery
Touches everyone around you
Like a tornado after the damage has been done
Can you imagine being thrown into the deepest hole
No way to climb out
Without help from a person with compassion
Anger is hard to control
When bottled up and unleashed like a wrath
There are people with big black holes inside them
That will never care
What anyone else goes through
They were hurt so they hurt others
They love this chaos
Just because their moral compass is broken
Be careful with words
Because it’s not true
Words will hurt
They just don’t leave visible wounds
What would you do
If you had sixty minutes
To rewind the tape on several wrongs
Correcting them so you could
Make a painful outcome become something positive
Changing the one that lashed out and was damaged over years
Giving a chance for them to figure out their demons
And opening a clear way to use their words
So they can speak their hurt on the intended person
Erasing the bodies that they stepped on to ease their pain
Or do you feel it’s a valid reason for actions
Of hate
Saying things that weren’t true
Or maybe it was true
But did in a way
Just to be hurtful
Do you care about the crys
Do you care about the heartbreak caused
By those hurting others because they hurt


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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