It’s always his truth
Her truth
And the truth
Mistakes happen
When family and friends
Become part of your relationship
And begin hearing about problems
One person voicing their concerns
Without telling what they’ve done in the situation
To create the problem
It’s decided
Then your lover is just
Another player or hoe
No good for you
And evil in everyone’s eyes
Who has heard the story
Whispers behind their back
Disrespected at each encounter
Called out their name
Never once asked their side of the story
Because the ones that were told
Only listened to one side
People will fight
In a relationship
It’s a given
Break up
Then get back together
Only to be side-eyed by the other person’s family
At times it’s hard to tell the true story
And have a loved one
Telling you
You were wrong
So you can fix the problem
But in that instance you’ve gotten back together
Your problems increase
Because now both of you are fighting
All the people who thought
You were the victim
In a bad relationship
So if you bring someone into your relationship
And fail to say both parts
Know if you end up back together
Those that oppose will be your headache
If you love your partner
And make things right
By making those that hate them
Both truths
That they will not be questioning your sanity
Or the relationship
You have fought your way back into


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