This is a moment of a lifetime
When your story can end
Gloriously or disastrously
Even if you have everything to lose
If it can easily disappear in a blink of an eye
It was not yours anyway
It was bought on borrowed time
Until you found the right direction
You were suppose to be traveling
It’s your choice
No one can make this decision
You must follow the mapping of your DNA


It is where you find your gift
You must share with the world
Or it will be a tragedy
You were born to be original
You are a masterpiece
In the game of life
You are your only competitor
No one is able to compete with you
It’s straightforward
The whole world is your stage
Perform the only script you know
That only you will know the words to
Because it was written just for you
Don’t hold back
Pronounce your words clearly
From beginning to end
All your friends and family will cheer you through
Don’t be afraid to fall
You have to walk with balance
Without hesitation or fear
One foot in front of the other
With your head up
Beautiful smile
Giving a meaningfully effort that gives back
No less than three standing ovations
Either win gracefully
Gathering your flowers they throw at you
Or lose miserably
Never taking the stage in the first place


 “All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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