We use to stare
Into each other’s eyes
Now you look right through me
As if I’m invisible  

I’m at your fingertips
You don’t reach for me
When you sleep at night
As though I’m not there

You stare at my pictures
You wear my ring upon your neck
You sleep with my pillow to smell my scent
But you refuse to see me

I’m crying right next to you
You are just ignoring me
Did you forget
You said we’d be forever 

Our love was special
You never felt it with another
I am feeling like a fading memory
Disappearing Never to exist

We use to talk forever
Not wanting to ever part
Now we don’t say a word
For hours and now days 

It is pure silence in this house

Why don’t you comfort me
Why don’t you hold me
Why don’t you love me
Why are we falling apart

I’m dying inside
I can not take this pain
We are both miserable
Broken and crying always

Since that pounding
Echoing knock on the door
Everything fell apart
When he told you

I was gone
Never more to be in your grasp
We use to be forever
Now for eternity

I will have to wait


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