A lot of daddys
Tired of hearing and wiping
The tears when their sweet girl cry
Over cowards on the rise

She is his pride and joy
The apple of his eyes
She can do no wrong
In his eyes

She can be
Sweet as pie
She loves being his princess
But she comes with alot of spice
And gets a little ugly with it

Girls are not
What they once were
Being easy prey
A victim to those don’t value her

Daddy has prepared her to come home safe
Dont get Your feelings hurt
Dont get Your pride bruised
Dont get Your ego deflated

She’s not ordinary
She’s not timid
She is trained to protect herself
Because her daddy trained her so

Daddy has given her the skills and the constant flow
Of a boxer
A fighter
Intsilled in her so

Her daddy has trained her to be the winner
And you will be the loser
So don’t come for her
Or you soon will know

If sneak up on her
From behind trying
To give a fright

Her reflexes are not set to run
They are set to fight


Fists fly up in a defense
Protecting her face
Feet stand in a stance
Ready to duck and move

Eyes are wide open
She’s ready to dance the boxers dance
And making contact is a must
It’s you or her
And daddy made sure it’s her

Jabbing and sticking
When she has an opening
A scare you tried to give

A black eye
Bruised ribs
Hurt groin
She gave in return
Thanks to her daddy training her so

– Yellowbonewonda

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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