the_only_one_rough_800By: Yellowbonewonda


Handle with care

It’s already broken

Don’t break it more

Don’t toss it around

Then kick it on the ground

It’s already not working properly

You don’t need to damage it more

The warranty is expired

I forgot to renew it

Where can I get it inspected

Where can I get it fixed

Money is no problem

Where is the best of the best

I don’t want no one with no experience

To fix it temporarily for it to break again

I’m not looking for a person 

Looking for job security

I don’t need you to tinker with it

I don’t need you to pretend you know what you doing

I need the top specialist

The one that the government use

I fear my heart is broken

I can’t explain it

It’s not working like before

Before love

Before lost

Before the sorrow

Before the pain

Before someone

Shot it

Stabbed it

Ripped it out

Stomped on it

Lit it on fire

And blew its ashes away

Before innocence was taken

Before emotions of




And love

Started blinking

I’m getting the flashing warning signs

But I’m passing by every repair shop

Just looking for that specialist

That no one knows his whereabouts

He only takes special clients

Finding you

And you not finding him

I hope I’m on his radar

Because I’m in fear

Fear of not fixing it

Fear of not feeling

Fear of losing it

Because its no way to replace it

No one carry the special parts

It was made one of a kind

So if the Specialist

Is out there

Please find me

Because I’m in need of repair




“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”






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